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Golum- bna putting an egg on its point and inscription: •i Jiun konnen wirs alle." — Coloured.

— Interesting map, dedicated to Walter Dowglass, Governor of all the Leeward- Islands in America, 1711. '/Improved part of Carolina with the Settlements" and with the proprietors' names.

— In the upper cor- ner an account of the post-regulations in America in 1715, in 21 lines.

— Besides an engiaviug of the Niagara -fall with view of the industry of the beavers.

— Specimen of this plant in the Royal Gardens of Ciipenick (near Berlin), the first which bore flowers in Europe, from 25 May till 28 Oct. In the distance the palace and the old-styled gardens.

— {Political Surinam Almanac for 1795.) 59 Aloe Americana.

— Novissima et aocuratis- sima totius Americae descriptio per N.

— The four parts of the World: Europe, Asia, Africa and Ameri CM, represented by women in caracteristic attire: America as a naked femjlle riding on a fantastical animal, in perspective cannibals, tight of the natives, etc.

"With the Indian settlements and the number of the fighting men according to the account of Capt.

78 Map of the British Empire in America with the French, Spanish and Dutch Settlements, by H.

— Highly interesting and very correct portulano, de- lineating the whole coast of N. — The names of the various places in Canada, Acadia, n Norem- bega" are given in French, those of New-Nether- land (which name however not yet occurs) in Dutch, those of Virginia in English, of Florida in Spanish.

2.50 92 Carte de la Nouvelle France ou se voit le oours des Grandea Rivieres Mississippi et S.

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